What is beard oil?

At some point, most beard owners will need some kind of beard care product. A quick google search will surely turn up products like beard balm, beard oil, and beard shampoo. The companies that make these products want you to think that you need all of them. The truth is, just one or two might be sufficient for your situation.

Figuring out where to start experimenting with beard products is unnecessarily complicated. This post will help you answer the question: What is beard oil? and determine if it is for you.

To put it simply, beard oil is usually just oil. And while those oils can nourish and soften your beard, their biggest benefit is in treating the skin underneath your beard. In other words:

what is beard oil


If you are needing something to soften your facial hair, then a beard balm is probably what you are looking for. If that isn’t doing the trick, then adding in a beard oil might help. However, if you are plagued by skin conditions like beard dandruff or eczema, then choosing a beard oil is the first step to getting those problems under control.

The best explanation out there about the different ingredients of beard oils is actually on the great Art of Manliness website. As they explain, there are two types of ingredients in a beard oil: carrier oils and essential oils. The type of oil chosen for each ole also can impact the benefit and scent of the final product as well. AOM gives these as examples:

Carrier oils:

Essential oils:

Using this ingredient list as a guideline should help you to determine which beard oil is right for you. To further help you find the right beard care product, check out our beard oil comparison chart.


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