Growing a Summer Beard

summer beardSummer might not be your ideal season for growing a beard, but summer beards do have a few advantages:

  1. Humidity can make your beard appear fuller, although for some this translates into bushiness.
  2. Best time to start a yeard.
  3. Everyone relaxes a bit in the summer, which might make that awkward growing-out phase of a new beard more socially acceptable for those of us that aren’t professional lumberjacks or artisan microbrewers.

A good beard balm will go a long way towards keeping your beard looking its best throughout the summer humidity. After massaging it into your beard and letting it set for a few minutes, brush your bear out with tough boar’s hair brush.

Having a wax on standby isn’t a bad idea either. You can use the wax to spot-treat the problem areas of your beard. And I’m not above giving those disobedient hairs that noticeably stand in an odd direction the snip.

Really the summer is the ideal time to get started on any long-term beard, even though novice beard growers will experience scratchiness-related discomfort. A beard oil can help here, or you can just power through it. If you’re growing a yeard, you want to set yourself up for success and a new beard is much easier to deal with in the summer months than a big bushy ten month-er.

Besides that, once you’ve made it past the three month mark and the weather is starting to cool down, you’ll have an amazing sense of beard confidence, and a head start on your fall/winter beard that will be the envy of the entire lumbermill.

Finally, if you live in a country, or work in a profession, with strong anti-beard bias, you might find that growing one out in the summer gives you a break from anti-beard peer pressure. Even better if you can take a week or two of vacation and really give it a head start, just be aware that you’ll still likely get some comments from coworkers when you first get back. For the most part they’ll humor you though. Pretty soon they’ll be used to the new look and won’t bat an eye.

I hope you found these tips for growing a summer beard useful! Good luck and happy bearding!

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