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If it isn’t already obvious, one of my main aims with Beard Care HQ is to connect everyone struggling with growing their beards out, with the information and products that can really help keep their beards looking sharp. The flip side of this is that the businesses out there offering beard care products are often smaller in size, sometimes even home-based businesses, and it’s really exciting for me to be able to help out both beard growers and these small businesses. In other words, putting good folks in touch with each other.

That’s why I plan to make “featured beard brands” a regular part of the blog. These are not sponsored postings and I will not receive any renumeration whatsoever in return other than good karma. I sincerely hope that this series, along with the A to Z resource I compiled on beard care and my beard care product guides, can help out people struggling to resist their own urges to shave, just like I was.

This idea actually came to me when I bumped into ShaveUnion, based out of New Zealand, on Instagram. I’m new to the whole Instagram thing, but their feed is a lot of fun to keep an eye on. On a whim I emailed ShaveUnion about doing an email interview about their best razors and their business. Mel responded almost immediately. After a brief exchange, here we have the very first ‘beard care product brand profile!’:

1)      First up, introductions. Who are you and how did you get started in

the beard care world?

best razors

The brains behind Shave Union hard at work

Hi there, I’m Mel Spencer the Co-founder of and speaking on behalf of my business partner Lizzi Hines who is the brainchild of Shave Union.  She’s currently gallivanting around the USA at the moment.

Basically the cost of shavers in New Zealand is ridiculous, so we wanted to take the sting out of something a guy has to do (bearded or not) on a regular basis and make it a cool experience without breaking the bank.

2) Could you briefly explain the philosophy behind your brand?

Shave Union is not Gillette – we’re Shave Union – which means we deliver a great shaver for an awesome price to Kiwi Blokes and hopefully soon across the ditch into Australia.

We also wholeheartedly believe in sharing the love, so Shave Union is philanthropic in that for every shaver or razor purchased through Shave Union, 10% of the takings will go to a nominated Kiwi bloke who needs a leg-up in life.  We’re wanting to pass it forward to everyday New Zealand men and Australian’s once the time is right.

Lizzi and I don’t take ourselves too seriously and we’re probably known for pushing the boat out a little bit but hey, we’re having fun doing this so why not let it show.

best razors

Mel and Lizzi inspecting the goods

3) Do you have a flagship product, or a product you are particularly proud of? Who would benefit the most from it?

We’re keeping it simple to begin with and currently our razors have six blades (which is more than what you can buy in the supermarket) and is perfect for most hair types.  We’re looking at introducing a wider range of razors and shaving accessories once we get a better feel for NZ’s hair growing agility.

Note: On follow-up, Mel pointed out that the higher blade-count makes for a closer shave.

4) What area of men’s grooming and/or beard care do you think men tend to neglect?

The shave preparation!  Most guys think it’s all in the blade but it also has to do with how you prep the skin and hair follicle. We send out a Shave Union ‘Shave Etiquette’ with every razor to remind guys what they need to be doing every time they put a blade to their face.

best razors

5) What’s the most common issue men have with their beards, and how do you respond?

I would say cleanliness.  Those beards get all sorts of dust particles and food scraps in there and is half the reason why your faces get so itchy when you’re growing a mo or a beard.  So, for goodness sake, if you’re going to take this beard growing thing seriously grab yourself some beard shampoo and oil.

One last bit: How can customers find you? Let us know all of your website and social media accounts where customers can find and engage with you.



Instagram: shaveunion

Twitter: @ShaveUnion

Thanks again Mel!

Unfortunately ShaveUnion products are only available in New Zealand, but hopefully everyone learned something from their interview that can help them along their way.

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