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beard styles

Beard styles are a common concern for a first time beard grower. Trust me when I say that this is mostly a distraction.

Look, I’m a straight shooter: You might not have that much choice when it comes to the variety of beard styles out there. You shouldn’t start out growing your facial hair with a particular style in mind. If you do that, you’ll likely end up with a style that you aren’t particularly happy with, but that you feel ‘stuck’ with since you don’t really want to shave it down and start again.

Instead, try this:

  1. Grow your facial hair out for AT LEAST 10, but preferably 14, days before doing any kind of trimming.
  2. When you do start trimming, go very easy. Just focus on getting rid of the neck beard. Whatever you do, though, don’t trim any higher than your adam’s apple.
  3. Wear it around just like that for a couple weeks before you start experimenting with any other trimming. If you feel like the neckline is too low for you at that point, then you can gradually move the line up towards the place where your neck joins your head.
  4. Be honest with yourself about the strong and weak points in your beard. There will certainly be some aspect of your beard that you aren’t totally in love with. That doesn’t mean to just rush off and shave it off, though.
  5. Browse r/beards periodically and keep an eye out for people with similar growth patterns as yours. Take note of how they trim their beards, how you think it looks, and the kind of advice they get in the comments.
  6. Read Should I Shave my Beard? and start introducing a beard balm and comb. If you have any problems with dry skin whatsoever, then try a beard oil first. Take pictures and see if you notice any difference in the appearance and management of your beard.
  7. Based on the research in step 5, slowly start trimming more bits of your beard as needed.thisismybeard

Not everyone has the ability to grow a beard that will get you a job as a mall Santa at Christmas time. But everyone has a facial hair style soul mate. It just takes time and dedication to figure out what it is.

The important thing to remember about this process is that it’s not about showing off how much more manly you are than others. No, it’s about exploring your own manliness, testing your limits, and pushing boundaries.

It’s hard not to compare beards with others that you see. It may turn out that you look best with a simple five o’clock shadow, or even with no beard at all. The important thing is that you’ve tried it out and know what kind of growth you are capable of.

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