Becoming a head shaver — Using a head shaver

head shaverShaving your head while sporting a beard creates a stunning visual contrast, making it one of the most popular hairstyles for bearded men. It also has a lot of benefits, such as letting various scalp conditions heal and get a bit of sun (but not too much right off the bat!).

The idea can be a bit intimidating, but for the vast majority of us it isn’t permanent, so you’d might as well give it a shot. Personally, when I start thinking about doing it, the thought starts to drive me crazy and suddenly I find myself annoyed by every little thing about my hair.

By the time I finally break down and shave it, it’s actually a relief that I’ve finally stopped deliberating over the decision. I’ll typically grow it back in cooler weather, but I know that as soon as I start to get that urge I better just shave it as soon as possible or else I’ll start wasting a lot of mental energy thinking about it.

So what’s the process for actually doing it? Since I live in a place where I can easily negotiate the price of a head shave down to five bucks or so (electric clippers make it about the fastest and easiest haircut they can give), I haven’t bothered purchasing my own electric hair clippers yet. If you are thinking about going this route, Wahl brand clippers are pretty basic and reliable.

Electric clippers will only get so far, and most of us are probably eager to see what it looks like if we go totally bald. This means it’s time to get out a razor and shaving cream.

A word on razor selection:

I’m a huge fan of wet shaving. I have a safety razor, brush, the whole bit. Unfortunately, it’s about the worst setup for use as a head shaver. I always end up bleeding from several spots. That’s why I recommend choosing a razor specifically for shaving your head. A regular cartridge razor might do the trick (just don’t get one with more than a couple blades), but you could also try out one of these options:

The yellow contraption with wheels above is your budget option, the HeadBlade ATX All Terrain Head Razor and it retails for around $15-$20.

The Bald Eagle Smart, on the other hand, runs $135 and up, and you’ll probably need to spring for some of the accessories for it as well.

As you go through this process, try not to rely on the mirror too much. Instead, while bing very careful of the blades on your razor, I recommend going by feel. Using the mirror will just get confusing and frustrating, but your fingers will be able to tell the spots you missed.

Congratulations on becoming a head shaver and joining the many men that have embraced the bearded and bald look. You just might never let your hair grow out again.

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