DIY Beard Oil Recipe

Beard oil is one of the basic products in a typical beard care routine. As such, there are no shortage of companies selling their proprietary oils. These products tend to be expensive due to their unique scents or special attributes.

But check this out:

Beard oil is just oil blended together. there’s no special processing required. This means, if you’re on a budget, it’s DIY beard oil recipequite possible to make DIY Beard oil. Recipes are pretty easy to find too.

Every beard oil follows a basic formula:

Large amount of carrier oil + tiny amount of essential oil.

THAT’S IT. Lots of room for experimentation. Lots of ways to make your own blends and scents. You need about a nickle-sized amount of carrier oil in your palm, and 1-2 drops of essential oil. Rub it together, then rub it into your beard and onto your skin. Personally, I’m all about the on-the-fly experimentation, but if you want to follow detailed recipes, The Art of Manliness has already published the definitive guide on the topic.

My personal favorite source for these oils is, and here are some products to help you get started (use my affiliate coupon code WEK476 to get $10 off your first purchase):

Carrier oils:

Essential oils:

These oils all have different benefits, characteristics, and scents, so there is a high degree of possible customization. For more details on the various benefits of different types of oils, check out the Art of Manliness guide I linked to above, or my own What is Beard Oil? write-up that explains in detail what beard oil is and under what circumstances it should be used.

And of course, make sure to check out my Ultimate Beard Care Guide to learn how to integrate a beard oil into your own beard care routine.

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