Changing Your Beard Style

One of the great things about having hair in general is the ability to occasionally mix things up and change your look. Just like the hair on your head, though, the length of your beard is going to play a major part in the styles at your disposal.

In your experimentations, it’s important to keep this bit of common sense in mind:

It is always easier easier to change your beardĀ from a long to short style than from short to long.

Of course that makes sense if you’ve been growing your beard out for several months before attempting a handlebar moustache, but all too often it’s possible to see someone that, for example, is going from a goatee to a full beard. This is a very difficult transition to make gracefully; probably even hard than going from clean-shaven to full beard.

beard styles

Much about your personal beard style is out of your control. Just let it go and enjoy the ride until you are an experienced beard grower.

To be honest, I have myself tried to make this transition on more than one occasion. My moustache is a weak point of my beard (it comes in slow and thin). I would grow out a goatee first, carefully trimming the rest of the beard, before ‘letting go’ and stopping shaving altogether.

Thinking back on those times, when I was actually working in a white collar office job, I would certainly approach it much differently now.

I would definitely grow out my full beard first, during a vacation if necessary, and then scale it back to my desired style.

Now of course, the right type of beard for you is going to depend greatly on the unique characteristics of your individual beard, which comes from your own genetics, so it’s best not to worry too much about various beard styles until you have a thorough understanding of your own beard (in other words: Until you’ve grown it out 2-3 times and have a solid understanding of your own growth patterns and strengths/weaknesses in your beard).


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