Beard Community

beard community

As a beard grower living in a country where beards are not just unpopular, but overwhelmingly viewed as ‘dirty’ and tabboo, I can tell you from first-hand experience that connecting with other beard growers can give you much-needed support and encouragement, as well as beard growing tips and knowledge.

In my own bead growing journey, there’s really one source that gave me critical inspiration, and that’s the /r/beards subreddit. If you aren’t familiar with reddit, it can be at once an amazing resource, and a spouse-alienating time suck. I recommend making an account and customizing your subscribed ‘subreddits’ (basically the various niche areas of the website of which there are an almost infinite variety). Reddit has communities as niche as /r/DadBeards  (bearded dads and their kids) and /r/LadyBeards (women with fake beards. It’s mostly bearded men posting pictures of their significant others pretending to have beards in various ways).

Feel free to explore the various subreddits as you wish, but I primarily recommend the main r/Beards forum for inspiration (it’s mostly regular people posting progress pictures of their bears), and r/BeardTalk, where discussions about beard care and beard care products seem to carry the day.

Beard Clubs

Beard clubs are another great way to connect with fellow beard growers, but this time in meat space. Some exist only on Facebook, but others have regular meetings (an excuse to gather at a favorite bar and drink), as well as various contests and competitions. Google is your friend in this case, but be aware that various beard care product companies like to use “club” as part of their name, so it might take some work to filter through the results and find the what you’re looking for.

Other forums and websites

I haven’t spent much time on the forums of late, but is a great one for general fashion and style advice for men and, yes, facial hair discussions do tend to come up. Actually the most valuable and long-lasting thing I learned on Style Forum was about wet shaving, which you might think is anathema to beard growing. In reality though, by learning to wet shave you’ll learn a lot about the natural contours of your face and facial hair; knowledge that will be invaluable when it comes time to start growing your beard out.

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