Best Moustache Wax

best moustache wax

Take it from me, a moustache that keeps getting in your mouth while you eat is incredibly annoying. Having a need for the best moustache wax isn’t just for hipsters wanting to pull off a handlebar. No, anyone that doesn’t enjoy chewing on their own facial hair while they’re trying to eat could probably use at least a medium-hold moustache wax.

In the chart below, I’ve compiled my top picks for moustache waxes for you to check out. I hope it makes your decision easier.

A word on vocabulary: Beard care product producers play around with vocabulary a bit to try to make their products stand out. I am grouping everything used to “hold” facial hair in place here as a “wax,” although some might nitpick me about whether a product is truly a wax versus a pomade, for example.

Note: You can click the titles of each column to organize the products by that metric. For example, to organize by cost, click on “Price” to organize from cheapest to most expensive. Click again to go from most expensive to least.


Once you’ve picked out your wax, you’re in for some real fun! Inevitably you’ll get excited and dive in.