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One of the things that gets me excited about a beard care product is when the company producing it is a small business run out of someone’s home. I like being able to know, on a first name basis, the people behind the products I buy. I feel it is more trustworthy on many different levels.

Any beard care product made by 1740 fits the bill in spades. In spite of having an annoying international order (which meant ordering directly from the company), I’ve had nothing but positive interactions with Mike, the man behind 1740, and it’s flagship product, the beard balm.

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With a 1740 beard care product you get more than the warm and fuzzy satisfaction of helping a small business.

These are top quality beard care products at a very low price. They also come in some unique scents. When I’m getting into the holiday spirit, I find myself reaching for their peppermint scent. Sleep deprived and in a rush to get out the door? The coffee-infused products give me a boost, even though I know it’s all in my head.

The beard balm may be a bit thick for some (myself included), but picking up a small bottle of argan oil and adding a drop or two to the balm while heating it up in your hands gives it the perfect consistency I need for my thinner hair (even with adding the argan oil to the routine, it’s still cheaper than other beard balms). Plus, caffeine is believed to have health benefits for skin, although the science is still out.

All in all, beard care product brands like 1740 make me excited to have a beard and to be a member of the bearded brotherhood. 1740 is made by good people, and it’s a great, unique beard care product. Their customer service is awesome and they continue to release innovative products different from anything available anywhere else.

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