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I'm passionate about my beard, and it's been quite a journey learning how to best take care of it. There are some amazing resources out there that I learned a lot from (r/Beards, StyleForum, and Badger and Blade for starters), but I found a lot of gaps in the online resources, so when I started to connect these dots, I set out to start my own online resource for beard care tips and products.


Top beard care products from each category

Name/Image Learn MoreBrandRatingPriceReview Highlight
Honest Amish All-in-one Beard Care Kit

Honest Amish All-in-one Beard Care Kit

Buy on Amazonfull review Honest Amish5 Star Average Rating $69.50Honest Amish products are highly regarded. Cover all your bases with this "First Aid" kit
1740 Beard Balm — Coffee Infused

1740 Beard Balm — Coffee Infused

Buy on Amazonfull review 17405 Star Average Rating $13-17A nice thick balm with a hint of coffee scent.
Prospector Co. Beard Oil 1oz Mini Flask

Prospector Co. Beard Oil 1oz Mini Flask

Buy on Amazonfull review Prospector Co.5 Star Average Rating $31A premium beard oil for the beard that requires the very best, but a little goes a long way.



BeardCareHQ Quick Start

If you basically know what you’re looking for, then go straight to my product comparison guides broken down by product type:

Beard oils  |  Beard balms  |  Shampoos  |  Waxes  |  Accessories

On the other hand, if you are not quite sure which product type is best for you, or are learning about beard care in general, then hope over to my Ultimate Beard Care Guide, where I walk you through a very details beard care routine and explain in detail what each product is used for.

For general information on beards, including some lightheaded and entertaining articles, then keep reading and explore the blog!


More about BeardCareHQ

I’m not just fond of having a beard. I advocate experimenting with your facial hair and finding the best fit for you. Unfortunately, by definition, that requires growing your facial hair out first, and modern society doesn’t like to see such displays of masculinity as a beard that isn’t trimmed into near invisibility.

I firmly believe growing a beard is as much about exploring and expressing your masculinity as it is about fashion.

That being said, finding the best beard care is an important part of that process that often stays behind the scenes.

I know from personal experience that growing a beard is challenging when you interact with significant others, in-laws,  and coworkers that may be intimidated by the sudden increase in your raw, testosterone-fueled charisma.

But check this out:

Keeping your mane well maintained with best beard care practices and products, even if you’re not doing any trimming, can make a big difference in your career and personal relationships.


So take a look around my humble little site. The product comparison charts featuring my five top recommended products in each category will help you decide what’s best for you. The blog is full of grooming and lifestyle tips that I’ve picked up along the way in my own experience with growing a beard.

I hope this site is helpful to you! If so, don’t hesitate to connect with me on Twitter or Instagram! Shoot me a picture of your own beard with the #BeardCareHQ hashtag to say hi.